Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Brand New Start~

Hi and hello everyone,

   This is my first entry. Every one has their own reason why they want to write & why they choose to write by using blog as a medium. I do have my own reason for creating this blog too. For the past few years, I've always  come across people who have perceptions like: 'English is really difficult', 'Grammar is killing me' and many more. I can say that most of the people out there feel that grammar component is one of the toughest part in acquiring English language. This phenomenon may kill learners' enthusiasm in learning this particular target language.
   As a TESL student who loves English and a future educator, I feel that it is part of my responsibility to change this climate. Even what I have right now may not be sufficient enough to curb this situation, I would still like to utilize the knowledge and skills that I posses to help in areas that I can. I will try my very best to give something beneficial through this blog. I am of the belief that, in order to master English grammar we have to understand the basic part of it which is NOUN. Therefore, in this blog I will focus on NOUNS and help every one as far as I can to comprehend ALL ABOUT NOUNS~

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